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Zion, A Shuttle Experience Coming Soon. I was fortunate to be an art resident for Zion National Park in September, 2017. Now I'm working on an installation for viewing inside the Zion shuttle bus on the ride from the top of the canyon back to the Visitor Center. It's a 40-minute ride with the windows down. 

The installation Zion, A Shuttle Experience will be open for participation on May 5, 2018 starting at shuttle stop 9 (Temple of Sinuwava). Visitors will take the shuttle bus from the Visitor Center up to the top of the canyon, and start at stop 9.

Bobok BLACK NEW.png

Bobok, An Auditory Album was an art installation I completed and released on my birthday in August, 2017. I held a showing at a house-church in Los Angeles, blacked out all windows and ambient light, and invited listeners into a sensory experience that lasted about 40 minutes. During the prior couple years, pop stars began releasing "visual" albums. I felt that an album would truly be "visual" if all visuals were taken away. Ask yourself, "Have I ever listened to music in a pitch black environment?" The answer, especially for people living in LA, is generally "What do you mean by pitch black?." So, no. Visual sensory deprivation emphasizes both the physicality/vibratory aspect of music, and emphasizes a listener's active role in the perception of music, ie. music becomes visual in the mind of the listener. The experience makes the listener the main character in the narrative of their perception. Samples were used from Erotic Hypnosis inductions, morning talk shows, the short story "Bobok," and many other fun subjects. I still believe that everyone was hypnotized that night whether they knew it or not. Below is a song sample called, "Pillow, Covered Mouth."