Tyler James Patterson lives and works in Los Angeles, CA where he is the CEO and Creative Director of Residency, a non-profit social enterprise that makes custom, branded merchandise to employ women transitioning out of homelessness. Alongside his work with Residency, Tyler is a self-taught, multi-disciplinary artist working in painting, music/audio, design, bleach, and photography. Tyler's paintings often include dreamy and nostalgic depictions of nature and myth, as well as playful subversions of societal ideas about status and beauty. 

With his oil paintings, Tyler uses combinations of bold colors that have been "rubbed in" to nostalgic effect. Though his paintings often feature storybook motifs: snakes, fruit, royalty, ghosts, etc., Tyler does not try to tell stories, but focuses on the act of storytelling itself as a means of persuasion, justification, and control. 

2019 “Velvet Ropes LA” presented by GIFC Worldwide at 0.0 Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
2018 “Zion” A 60-minute audio album designed for the shuttles of Zion National Park (Utah, USA)
2017 “Bobok” A 40-minute audio album incorporating the effects of sound and music in visual sensory deprivation

2017 Zion National Park Artist-in-Residence (Audio Composition)